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If you do meet someone special within the first year of recovery, taking it slowly and being honest that your sobriety is the most important factor in your life is crucial.Dating in recovery can be challenging for many reasons.Declare out loud and on paper that giving up is not an option.

From the abundance of strong emotions at the beginning of a relationship, to the emotional turmoil experienced during a breakup, dating can often cause a person to put their recovery on the back burner, or worse – experience a relapse.

“I was excited.” But last spring, she found out the hard way that not everyone on Internet dating sites is looking for love.

(We’ve changed names to protect privacy.) In fact, her dating site hooked her up with someone who was only looking to scam her out of her life savings—and, sadly, he succeeded.

Having already had two failed marriages, on the advice of a friend she decided to give online dating a try.

“I’m a dreamer at heart and hadn’t given up on finding a soulmate,” says Selena.

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Selena Ramirez knows how hard it is to make a romantic connection these days.

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