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It’s interesting to see where our clients want to go, depending on their age.

Usually clients in their twenties want to go to a club or lounge.

If you want to really tug at his heartstrings, come a’yodeling with a warm chocolate chip cookie in one hand and a rescue kitty in the other!

Some individuals are just unbelievably talented when it comes to messaging. There are even live events dedicated to making fun of people who don't yet realize this new reality in which the things we say on the internet can get publicly rebroadcast in real time.For those of us who think walking around aimlessly with a cute person sounds terrifying, professional help is available!Susan Baxter, founder and CEO of Hire a Boston Wing Woman, says her lifelong interest in sociology led her to championing the art of breaking the ice.Sarah Jones graduated from college in 2007 planning to be an artist."One day I had a big art show and started thinking about what's the end of the road with this art thing," the 29-year-old says.

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