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A mineral is a naturally-occurring substance formed through geological processes that has a characteristic chemical composition, a highly ordered atomic structure and specific physical properties.

A rock is a naturally occurring aggregate of minerals and/or mineraloids. Petrology is the scientific study of rocks while the the study of minerals is called mineralogy. A main determining factor in the formation of minerals in a rock mass is the chemical composition of the mass, for a certain mineral can be formed only when the necessary elements are present in the rock.

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has a Greek origin, and has been derived from 'meta', meaning change and 'morph', meaning form.

Metamorphic rocks are formed mainly due to changes in pressure and temperature, thereby, transforming the original/parent igneous and/or sedimentary rocks.

Composition of minerals varies from one mineral to another.

Based on several types of mineral assemblages and the variation in the degree of temperature and pressure, metamorphic rocks are classified under different metamorphic facies.Marcia will bill your district upon delivery of your order (either by email download or Priority Mail) I am a Vendor for many school districts.Ask your office if I'm already a vendor for your district!Note from a Teacher: I am a veteran teacher of 24 years who teaches in a dual language program.This is my 2nd year teaching Science and I'm not satisfied with the way it has been going. I have always been a hands-on interactive teacher, but because of my added responsibilities at school, I absolutely have no time to hunt anything down! Just having a compilation of the different topics will make everything so much easier.

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