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Support 3ds v11.4.0-37e Follow your tutorial and install the card well on my 3ds xl v11.4.0-37u. Now i just have a question, if i update my 3ds xl to the 10.6.0 firmware version, do i need to update the r4i gold?The card can play all the ds games I put in, hope it will work on the 3ds v11.5 too, so I can update my 3ds firmware freely. Sorry, I placed the wrong order, please just cancel it or send you the R4I SDHC 3DS card. Reply: No, the R4i gold 3ds with 10.6 firmware is working directly on 2ds/3ds/new 3ds with 10.6 firmware, you just need to download v1.64 kernel to setup the card. I'm looking for an R4 with wood firmware, is this one what i want? I want to buy many of them, so please give me reply asps.The top line of the top screen will show the game name and the top line of the lower screen shows the number of cheat code currently selected for the game and the total amount of the cheat codes that can be selected.The bottom line of the below screen shows the version and date of the current cheat database.c/ Create a folder Press the "Code(C)—Add folder" to add a folder item, as picture shows below: "Folder name:" is used for description of the folder name, the selection "Note:" is used for the description of some attentions.If selecting "One Hot" then, indicates that only one cheat code can be selected under the folder; otherwise, indicates that more than one cheat codes can be selected under the folder.

You can now once again assign cheats to activation keys and it's actually a lot easier than it used to be, you can do it via the "Set Hotkeys" option in the menu or directly by editing the gamename_file in the cheat directory. The ability to add Game Genie codes direct to the cheat.simple file in the cheat directory, eg: nes/3dworldr,gg, AEUOLTPA, Infinite Lives gameboy/addfamu,gg, C9E-F8E-081, Infinite Energy gamegear/alien3,gg,002-B1C-3B7, Infinite Energy megadriv/aaahhrmu,gg, ACFA-AACC, Infinite Lives snes/aaahhrmu,gg, C282-04A7, Infinite Energy Of course you can already use the cheatfind plugin option to find cheats if you can't get along with the debugger commandline cheat searching commands or want to try some different methods.

When cheat is enabled, use the up and down arrow to choose each cheat code one by one; if it’s the cheat folder, press A to unfold/fold the directory.

When cheat is enabled, use the left and right arrow to scroll across 10 cheat codes at a time.

Update your cheats on your R4/M3 card You should be using R4S and firmware 1.18.

Go to Media Fire and get the Gv8 which will be in your file.

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2/ Adding Cheats Mannually a/ Create a new cheat database A new cheat database will be created each time when starting the Action Replay cheat or press "File (F) —Add game" to add a game item, as picture shows below: Input the name of game on the "Game name: " place, the information shows on the top line of the R4 cheat interface above screen.

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