Os x disk utility updating boot support partitions after dating for one month

I have had the hard drive for a couple of years and it has always worked perfectly.It is also used as the Time Machine for my girlfriend's 2011 15-inch Mac Book Pro and the problem started when I tried to do a Time Machine backup on her computer this morning.I clicked repair disk, and so far the details are as follows: Verify and Repair volume "'Mactintosh HD" Volume repair complete.Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required.I can only assume that the problem that caused her Mac to restart also corrupted my hard drive somehow. If this does not work then contact a data recovery company.You may try formatting the drive in order to use it again but this will delete all data stores in it.The updated app now presents a streamlined appearance while retaining all of its former functionality, and it’s still useful for verifying or repairing disks.This can be useful if you’re running into odd issues with a Mac, so we’ll take a look at the process of verifying and repairing disks with mac OS Sierra’s Disk Utility.

Finally was able to boot from a different drive and ran disk utility on my main boot drive and it made some repairs and then gave me the message "Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required." The status bar shows it is in process and I get the message Estimated time: 2 minutes. Disk Utility repair functions are (from what I have heard) just a front end to FSCK, so that will likely give you the same results.

It was preparing the backup for some time because it had been a while since it had been backed up.

While it was doing this, her Mac "Restarted because of problem" and since then the my hard drive that was connected has the problems above. Thanks in advance, Paul Hello, If you want to recover your data I recommend you use a data recovery software.

they will diagnose you for free, repairs may cost you if you are out of warranty.

One of the old Mac OS X utilities, Disk Utility, has received a makeover in mac OS Sierra.

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