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Unlike other dating apps where the quantity of profiles is key, Noonswoon focuses on the quality and compatibilities of profiles, aiming to introduce people who have similar socio-economic backgrounds.

The app introduces its members to only one curated and high quality match per day.

Try the The 150 seater Suntec branch of L’Entrecote in particular has an industrial-chic ambience but with pretty nice looking red table settings for that romantic vibe.

The Duxton outlet on the other hand is a much smaller, quaint outfit but seats are a lot harder to book here due to its size.

In online dating, convincing compatible partner matches are made.

Especially as a first date, you definitely don’t want to break the bank, but still want to impress with your knowledge and selection of intimate dining spots.

Fresh, hand-made pasta, is an amazing Italian restaurant. They also provide you crayons to doodle on the white tablemat while waiting for your food! A more bustling restaurant, choose Akashi if you don’t want to have awkward silences during your date.

More fun for your dinner date; you can play pictionary if you run out of things to say. The set varieties served here are of good quality and affordably priced.

Over the past years, it has been our objective - we as Dating Advisor - to provide recommendations that are effective and best suit the individual needs of our readers.

We do this by evaluating dating apps and sites all over the globe.

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We offer studies, appealing articles and tips & tricks all in relation to love and partnerships. It works like magic, once you hear it you long to try it and if you have been using it you feel you can’t do without online dating.

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