Davedays and kimmi smiles dating

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So there is no way to tell if they are actually dating or not, although I think they are just friends, Youtube buddies, enjoying each other's company. Besides even if they were seeing each other socially it would be NONYA (none of your dang business).

And unfortunately it looks like the Packers ended up beating Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl, but my support for the Steelers remains undiminished.

My last name is BRADSHAW as in Terry Bradshaw (great Steelers QB from the 1970s).

Hopefully not gonna happen, but sometimes ya gotta make do.Here are a couple of videos from kimmitalks with some hard and fast rules on what you need to survive a zombie apocalypse. I have to agree about her first rule about not following a crowd.It would be somewhat easier for a hungry flesh-munching dead guy to infiltrate a large crowd and pick off an unsuspecting stragler with a few well-placed bites in the confusion of everyone rushing around. " Also, there's the fuel problem with a flame-thrower.I'm sure they are probably looking at each other's number of subscribers, but they're probably more worried about what they are going to post next week rather than worrying about every bump the other gets as far as subscribers. This is the number of subscribers each has today (November 14th, 2010): 2,850,649 nigahiga 2,260,115 Ray William Johnson 590,534 is the difference in subscribers right now.Last month Ray once again received massive numbers of new subscribers, adding 157K, while Ryan had the 2nd most of anyone on Youtube with 82K.

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I've never asked one of them about the other (I don't know either personally) and I haven't seen any comment, good, bad or indifferent, made by either one about the other guy's numbers either.

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